[2 min] Exercise for women on busy days

As busy women balancing work life and personal life has been so difficult for women nowadays. Lots of work no time to take breaks. Hectic schedules and multitasking can lead to stress and affect productivity. You might sometimes feel like you are stuck in back pain from endless sitting down. Working out in a gym or taking out time for a home workout might get difficult for you. If you could relate to this problem then it’s very important for you to take a break and relax. After a hectic work schedule does you promise yourself that “you will do the workout from tomorrow” but that tomorrow never comes? You don’t need 2-3 hours to work out. A quick combo of effective exercises can help you
To manage daily stress and help you to remain fit and fine.

So let’s see how you follow a 2 – min workout routine that will help your body parts to stretch properly

Jumping jacks for 30 second – Jumping exercise is one of the cardio to warm up your body and pump up the blood this exercise is considered a full-body workout jumping jacks helps to strengthen the muscles and reduce stress

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High knee for 30 seconds – the energy bursting actions in high knees help your hurt pumping burn a lot of calories. This exercise balance coordination while improving power in your lower body

Abs exercise for 30 seconds this exercise will maintain your strong abs and will help to prevent back pain, boost your agility and increase your flexibility

Squats for 30 seconds this exercise is great for a lower body workout it strengthens your core, tons your thighs, and builds up the strength of your lower body, this workout is great for raising your heart rate.

Planks for 30 sec – this work on multiple muscle growth and joints at the same time. It helps in improving flexibility and strengthening the core. It’s good for a full-body workout.

If you do everything correctly and on a daily basis to keep yourself fit and fine
Then you can see Amazing results these simple exercises can relieve your stress improve your performance and will help you maintain a healthy life

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