4 vitamins that lead to acne | vitamins for clear skin complexion

Are you getting pimples acne clogged pores, blackheads whiteheads? Acne or dull skin can cause due to aging, hormonal changes, genetic problems or excess eating of oily food, or using oily skin care products which don’t suit your skin.

If you are facing acne issues for a long time then your skin might lose the glow of your skin. It is common for teenagers that many people face acne issues because teenagers undergo many hormonal disbalance. But after adolescence, if you are facing acne issues then it means that you are not taking a good diet, or might be a vitamin deficiency in your body.

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A – lack of vitamin A can cause acne. This acts as an antioxidant that helps fight inflammation and free radicals in your skin to avoid a lack of vitamins You have Orange, mango, red and yellow vegetables, and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D – lack of vitamin D impacts your skin it also dries out the skin less consumption of vitamin D can cause acne breakout and can also faster the skin age. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. You can have juice, oats meal, cereal, soya milk, cow milk, salmon, mushroom, and egg yolk.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C – lack of vitamin C may cause the skin to look dry, inflamed have wrinkles, and cause age spots. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce the redness and swelling that comes with acne. Vitamin c nutrients play a key role in protecting healing and producing new skin. It also helps in getting an even skin tone.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K – lack of vitamin k can lead to skin problems like dark spots, scars, and under-eye circles. Vitamin K is involved in the formation of protein which helps to maintain healthy skin. Vitamin k helps for better skin conditions and gradually slove causes sensitive skin issues. It helps to protect collagen in the body.

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