5 bistro/Cafè in Madhubani which offers flavorful food at an incredible cost!

If we talk about a city, then the first question that comes here is which places are very beautiful. Where you can spend some moments of relaxation and get better food. So let’s know about this cafe in Madhubani.

Street & Straw

A Chinese food bistro is one of the most visited café in Madhubani. Its dark-themed subject makes it lovely alongside rich with every one of the canvases on the wall making it an ideal spot for imaginative ones. Melodic jams continue to occur here and are a center point for imaginative individuals. Matka pizza , bar-b-que Pizza, and the chicken lollipop are the significant features alongside cold coffee for this bistro.


Address: Town Club, field Road, Ward No.8, Surat Ganj, Madhubani, Bihar 847211

Chai Dalaan

Chai dalaan is the first rooftop top Bistro in Madhubani which offers 30 unique sorts of chai which is a should-go if you are a chai lover alongside snacks and many more. Its rooftop top view makes it an ideal spot to encounter serenity in the bedlam where you and the sky can associate. Around evening time this spot simply feels like something else with the music shows occurring.

Address: Station Rd, Ward No.8, Ward No.6, Madhubani, Bihar 847211

Green Onions

Innovation and green onions go hand to hand at whatever point you will visit this spot you will constantly track down a novel, new thing about this spot. They offer flavorful momos which are a must have for this café. Assuming you are tracking down a spot to celebrate your Marriage Anniversaries this is your place.

Address: Mahadev Mandir Rd, Ward No.17, Ward No.8, Surat Ganj, Madhubani, Bihar 847211

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Rooster’s Cafè

One of the most seasoned bistros in Madhubani which offers authentic food to the clients. They offer mouth-watering food varieties from which you will fall head over heels. This is likewise a decent spot to commend your birthday. It is arranged close to the bus station which makes it simple your conventional spot if you are travelling and is additionally close to the railway station.

Address: Nayak shopping complex, first floor, near BSNL office, Madhubani, Bihar 847211

The Hawalaat Restaurant

This bistro is one of its sorts. it is a ‘prison’ subject-based restaurant in Leheriyaganj, they have a committed prisoner clothing regulation that is given to wear and the restaurant is inside the lock-up cell.

Address: Lakho Binda Campus, Madhubani, Bihar 847211

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