Amitabh Bachchan ‘Deewar’ chlid actor is now ruling the Industry, Anuja joshi is the next big name

Bollywood: Big B ‘the legend’ , one of the finest actor in Bollywood industry. Sir ‘Bacchan’ is the name that glorified the Indian film industry and took it to another level in terms of films and acting.

Deewar was one the biggest succes in Mr. Bacchan’s career.
But do you remember the child who played the character of Big B in film deewar, didn’t we loved him?
Yes ofcourse, we all did.

The name is Alankar Joshi. Joshi worked with many big production houses. In ‘Andaz’Joshi was also seen with Hema Malini as her son, which was fantastic. It was after this film when
Joshi was not only loved by the audience,but also most shout actor in every director’s list for the child roles because of his excellent acting skills.

Mr. Joshi started hi career in 70s and reached heights, and did a lots of good work but as the time passed the demand graph of the actor went down and finally in 90s.
He decided to start a new journey and walked into the world of Information Technology and is now owns an IT company which roars wolrd wide.

Right now he lives in US with his family and established his company there.

  • Alankar joshi who is Born and brought up in Mumbai is a brother of ‘Pallavi joshi’ who is an award winning actress and non less than her brother in terms of skill.
  • Pallavi also acted in films as an child artist and can be seen in many movies like ‘Badla’
    ‘Aadmi Sadak ka’.
  • In between 1980 and 1990s she can also seen in character roles in films like Rukmavati ki haveli, Suraj ka saatva ghoda, and many more.
    Alankar joshi has three kids, two daughters and a son.
  • Anuja joshi is the eldest, she completed her studies from New York and decided to persue modelling and acting.

Recently, the actress debuted as lead in a webseries named ‘Hello Mini’ in which she is seen is totally raising the room temperature with her bold avatar. She can also be seen in Broken But Beautiful.
Anuja’s ‘ Hello Mini’ even surpassed Bobby Deol starrer “Aashram” in terms of TRP and is in trending list since the first day of the show and continue to rule.


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