Ashok Soota: Ashok Soota at 79 launched his latest venture


Ashok Soota: Ashok Soota is an serial entrepreneur and a leading name in tach and health industry who turns 79,started a non-profit organization “Happiest Health”, who is also currently Executive Chairman of the company and the co founder of a tech firm ‘Mind tree’.

‘Happiest Health’ aims to provide in-depth credible and trust worthy knowledge on health and wellness which is a global enterprise.
The website was launched on Thursday.

Mr. Soota stated “We should go public in six or seven years,” He is also currently the chairman of mid-tier It firm Happiest Minds.
The share capital approach is to put it with him and his family. Revenue will be derived from advertisements and events.

“I don’t want external capital coming in. We don’t want to cater to the needs of venture capitalists or private equity people,” he said. “A large portion of our share will be reserved for Esops
and preferential issues,” he added.

In health and wellness field, this is Mr. Soota’s second startup, first is SKAN, which is a non-profit medical research trust focusing on aging and neurological disorders.
Happiest health would be the first start-up in India that would educate the general public through articles on wellness with allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, and yoga for wellness, he claimed.

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He also stated ” Through Happiest Health, we want to build the importance of integrated medicine, provide valuable knowledge through experts on early diagnosis and evidence based therapies and do so with empathy and passion.”
“Globally, healthcare knowledge is merely about repetitive factual information that may not necessarily answer concerns of a common person or provide in-depth, coherent understanding on complex health and wellness issues, Mr. Soota said that at the launch”

The platform will be going to have articles and blogs by the esteemed doctors, while a rich panel of wellness experts will lend their voice to the knowledge base.
It will also be collaborating with globally renowned medical research institutes for knowledge sharing.

The primary knowledge platforms are a daily newspaper, an informative website, and a soon-to-be-launched monthly print magazine.


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