Beauty Tips: Green tea a key ingredients to cure many health problems

Beauty Tips: As Indians, we all love sipping tea every Morning Tea has been India’s favorite drink for a decade. Nowadays green tea has been most drunk in the world
Are you wondering how green tea has been beneficial for our body and skin??

Green tea is packed with various types of health benefits. Green tea has gained popularity because it has proven to have so many benefits than any other tea. Green tea has been considered one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. Green tea has become a major beverage for almost everyone today.
As per the research, it has been shown that it improves several functions of the body, drinking green tea regularly will benefit your health in different ways

Here are some health benefits of green tea

Acts as an immunity booster – Drinking green with honey will help boost up the immune system. Green tea contains antigens and catechins which help to kill the influenza virus.
Helps for proper digestion – The antioxidant in green tea helps in proper digestion, it also contains vitamins B and C which help in digestion

Help in weight loss – As we are well known that green tea is the most beneficial in losing weight. Drinking green tea daily helps in boosting the metabolism and also helps in burning fat.

Help full for heart problems – Drinking green tea help to reduce the bad cholesterol in your body the antioxidant capacity of the blood increase helps to prevent heart attack

Reduce the risk of cancer- Many studies have shown that drinking green tea reduces the overall risk of cancer. The antioxidants also reduce the level of protein that aids the growth of cancer cell
5 Anti-aging – The antioxidant helps the aging of cells, it helps to lessen wrinkles growth and make your skin appear brighter and younger

Reduces the level of stress- The anti-inflammatory properties of green tea have a calming effect on the mind

Good for skin – the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help to fight the bacteria that affect the skin. Helps you reduce skin irritation. It also acts as a natural treatment for oily skin. Green tea scrub helps to eliminate acne and blackheads and also helps to reduce pimples

Good for hair – The caffeine and antioxidants help to reduce hair loss and improve the quality and quantity of the strands and prevent split ends. Its also promote blood circulation

Improve dental health – The catechins present in green tea fight bacteria and viruses and protects the teeth against cavities and gum disease it helps improve dental and oral health
10 . Good for sunburn- The antioxidant in green tea protect the harmful ultraviolet rays it acts as a cold compress for sunburned area

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