Beauty Tips: Look young in your 40s by shaping your eyebrows

Beauty Tips: Men, as well as women all, want to look young in their 40s but as we grow old the looks and styles that suit us in our 20s and 30s don’t suit in 40s
The same goes for your eyebrows
As you grow old your eyebrows and hair starts to look thin and short
So to look young in 40’s you should groom your eyebrows

  1. Keep them Trimmed – Before tweezing or waxing you need to get that extra bulk of hair out of the way to look more polished and groomed. That way you can see exactly what shape would work for you or if you need extra tweezing or waxing. Trimming helps to look groomed before you go for giving it a shape
  2. Keep then arch – The right arch of your eyebrows will help you an instant facelift and make the perfect frame for your eyes. The arch totally depends upon your face shape before giving your eyebrows an arch please check if it suits your face or not. A right arch will help you look young
  3. Keep the gray covered – Due to aging you might see gray eyebrows hair don’t use the color that you use for your hair you need to color them with a brow pencil that matches the color of your eyebrows so that you continue to look young and asli cover the grey instantly.
  4. Keeps the gaps filled up – Having thin and disappearing eyebrows will add age to your face. Filled brows will help you to look young and will give a definite frame to four eyes you can also do a micro blending treatment which is a semi-permanent technique to fill out the brows which have thinned out.
  5. Restore in needed – Due to over-plucking your brows might be patchy for the re-growth of eyebrows you can use a serum that will help restore your brow growth.
    Using makeup is wonderful if you have less growth in your brows

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