Best honeymoon resort in Munnar to take your love to paradise

A romantic adventure among the quiet of the hills and the peace of nature. On their honeymoon, every amorous couple wishes for this. Imagine strolling through exquisite gardens, luscious green-carpeted slopes, and terraced tea and coffee estates. The flowing sound of the waterfalls will keep your ears entertained. The repetitive chirping of birds will relax your thoughts. Munnar Honeymoon resorts are the perfect destination to enjoy such a fantastic feeling.

Munnar is a treasure trove in Kerala, decorated with magical natural landscapes. It is definitely an amazing experience to spend time with your loved one at one of its beautiful honeymoon resorts.

1. Aranyaka Resort

One of the fascinating Munnar honeymoon resorts for enjoying nature’s unparalleled beauty in privacy. It provides all the modern and luxurious amenities. You can watch the breathtaking beauty of the landscape, especially the Athukkad waterfalls. There are four cottages in the resort which you can book for a romantic stay.

Location: Near Pallivasal tea estate in Pallivasal, Munnar.

Things to do: Bonfires, bird watching, trekking, nature walks, sauna and yoga sessions, sit and relax at the resort.

Tariff: Ranging between INR 3652 and INR 6599.

2. Windy Woods of Chandy

One of the most exquisite Munnar honeymoon resorts. The resort is surrounded by gorgeous silver oak trees and is located on the slopes of lush green hills. Watching the clouds expand across a foggy layer all around is a heavenly experience. The atmosphere and tranquillity of the resort are ideal for spending time alone with your companion.

Pallivasal is located at 2nd Mile, Meencut Post Office, Chittiarpuram, Munnar.

Activities include bird viewing, woodland tours, and trekking through tea plantations.

Tariffs range from INR 11000 to INR 20000.

3. Windermere Resort

The resort provides a pleasurable experience of wandering around its unique picturesque setting. The coffee and cardamom plantations are ideal for strolling around with your lover and taking breathtaking photographs. Windermere Resort is one of the most luxurious Munnar honeymoon resorts, offering all contemporary conveniences and pleasures. Its surroundings are captivating, making it ideal for a fantastic honeymoon with your companion.

Pallivasal, Munnar, on the Munnar-Bison Valley Road.

Activities include walking through the plantations, going on nature hikes, and visiting the Eravikulam National Park.

Tariffs range from INR 750 to INR 14600.

4. Birds Valley Resorts

If you and your companion are avid bird watchers, you must arrange your honeymoon at Birds Valley Resorts. One of the most beautiful Munnar honeymoon resorts, frequented by numerous native bird species such as the Golden Oriole, Hill Myna, Malabar parakeet, and barbet, and many more. The resort’s garden is well-curated, well-maintained, and packed with colorful and bright flowers.

Kunjithanny is located in Munnar’s Idukki District.

Activities include bird viewing, nature walks, eating at the resort’s multi-cuisine restaurant, a Jeep safari, and visits to cocoa and paddy crops.

Tariffs range from INR 2800 to INR 5500.

5. Blackberry Hills Retreat Spa

Are you planning a quiet and serene honeymoon trip with your partner? Blackberry Hills retreat spa is an ideal option for you, offering you solace among the scintillating beauty of Mother nature. It’s a unique experience to dwell amid the astounding Pallivasal valley and immerse in its charming beauty.

Location: Bison Valley Road, Pothamedu, Munnar.

Things to do: Bird watching, trekking, mountain biking, doing some painting and artwork on your own, participating in cultural events, visiting tea plantations and going for tea tasting sessions, and meditation.

Tariff: Ranging between INR 6750 and INR 12100.

6. The Panoramic Getaway

One of the best Munnar honeymoon resorts for a romantic getaway with your loved one. The resort’s main features include a unique infinity pool, its own helipad, and magnificent grounds. It also has its own tea garden where you can roam around and sample tea. The resort’s accommodations are lovely, with views of the dawn and sunset.

Munnar Bypass, Chithirapuram is the location.

Things to do: Sit, relax, and appreciate nature; wander around the garden, and dine on traditional South Indian cuisine at the restaurant.


7. The Fog Resort and Spa

Tariffs range from INR 12000 to INR 20000.
A one-of-a-kind experience surrounded by lush green plantations, captivating flora and animals, and enthralling mountains. The resort certainly has a lovely atmosphere. You may spend a lot of time doing enjoyable and adventurous things like treks, bonfires, or campfires. It’s a great spot to have some alone time as well as some exciting time with your sweetheart.

Chithirapuram is located on Eatty City Road in Munnar.

Activities include walking through tea and cardamom plantations, trekking, campfires, cycling along mountain paths, vehicle safaris, elephant safaris, and cookery workshops.

Tariffs range from INR 5500 to INR 14500.

8. Forest Glades

Another of the greatest Munnar honeymoon resorts, this one is opulent and surrounded by grandeur and monarchy. The resort is nestled among spectacular mountain ranges, with breathtaking views of lush green meadows and valleys. Many couples pick the resort for a romantic and relaxing stay because of its location and amazing modern amenities. Almost all of the rooms feature large, comfortable balconies or garden porticos.

Location: Munnar, Pallivasal, 2nd Mile.

Things to do: Sit and enjoy nature’s mystical vistas, go on nature hikes, and take amazing images of the surroundings.

Tariffs range from INR 5000 to INR 14500.

9. Tea County Munnar

One of the best and most beautiful Munnar honeymoon resorts. It is bordered by stunningly gorgeous lush forest plantings. The lovely chirping noises of the birds will keep you engaged. The cool wind will hypnotize you and ease your thoughts. The surrounding vegetation is also stunning, making it a great location for honeymooners. The atmosphere and quiet of the resort will appeal to couples.

Munnar city center is the location.

Things to do: Ride a bicycle, meander around the lush foliage and stunning sceneries, play some indoor games, and rest your body at the Ayurvedic therapy centers.

Tariffs start at INR 5000 and go up from there.

10. Elysium Gardens

The resort is ideal for those looking for a tranquil and serene stay among the wonderful lush green slopes. The resort, perched above a hill, embodies warmth and beauty. It is one of the magnificent Munnar honeymoon resorts where you may have a pleasant time with your sweetheart; a honeymoon to remember and cherish for the rest of your life. Another advantage of staying at the resort is that it is close to town.

Munnar’s top station road is the location.

Activities include campfires, lounging and relaxing in the garden, and eating great Kerala food.

Tariffs range from INR 5000 to INR 8000.

11. Westwood Riverside Garden Resort

One of the spectacular and enticing Munnar Honeymoon resorts. The couples can enjoy nature’s wonders and engage in multiple adventurous activities. Located alongside a river, the view it offers is truly heavenly and divine. The experience of staying in the resort is a stunning combo of beauty and thrill. You can go trekking and other wildlife exploring activities.

Location: MSA Road, Moolakadai.

Things to do: Night safaris, jeep safaris, outdoor camping, trekking, nature walks, and relaxing at the Ayurvedic massage centers and spa facilities.

Tariff: Ranging between INR 3500 and INR 7000.

12. Camelot Resort

One of the popular Munnar Honeymoon resorts with all modern amenities and comfortable accommodations. The best part is the entire area of the resort is surrounded by organic farms. That magnifies the panoramic landscape of the environment around. You can feel the essence of staying on a romantic escapade amongst the enchanting hills. There are trekking expeditions conducted by the resort management and you can willingly be a part of them.

Location: Munnar Town, Munnar Mankulam Road, Nullamanna.

Things to do: Visit the Letchmi tea estate, the Kurangani Hills, Atukkad waterfalls, Carmel Church, Bodi Hill west forest, and Blossom Hydel Park, campfire, trekking, and taste delicious local foods.

Tariff: Ranging between INR 6500 and INR 10000. The honeymoon resorts in Munnar are couple friendly and perfect for spending a romantic vacation. Hopefully, you can pick and choose one of them to chill out with your partner. Munnar honeymoon resorts cater to couples and are ideal for a romantic getaway. Hopefully, you’ll be able to choose and choose one of them to relax with your spouse.

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