Best time for Bikers to go on a road trip to Ladakh

The best time to visit Ladakh for bikers is during the autumn season as the weather remains cool and mild. It is advisable to avoid visiting Ladakh during summer months as temperatures are likely to be high and other people who plan on visiting the area may have already come.

It’s also best not to visit Ladakh in winter due to heavy snowfall during this season, which can make travel difficult. The most popular time of year for visiting Ladakh by bike involves springtime when it is still cold but mostly sunny in parts of northern India.

The Ladakh region is located in the Ladakh district of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is a remote and very rugged region with a population density of only 5 people per square kilometer – the highest in the world. The area consists of a large table-top mountainous plateau that slopes south towards the Indus River that divides it from Tibet.

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Ladakh was established in 1846 as a Buddhist Kingdom by Lehman Rinpoche, who fled from Tibet to India to escape political strife and religious persecution among his fellow Buddhists there.

Ladakh is a very poor region of India, with most of the population living in remote villages and relying on subsistence farming.

Many of those living in Ladakh are Buddhist, with Islam being the second most prevalent religion. An estimated 85,000 people live in Leh (a city located at the center of Ladakh) and about 15,000 people live in Phey village – the highest permanent settlement in the world at 11,500 feet above sea level.

The only link to Leh is by air during summer and all other times it is connected via a road that connects Srinagar (the capital city of Jammu & Kashmir) to Leh via Kargil and Zanskar.


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