Delhi: Explore the Most Beautiful Places Of East Delhi

Delhi: Delhi is the most famous place for tourism. Because in Delhi there are many places for a tour like historical palaces, museums, natural places, art galleries, etc. Delhi is a very big city and it is also the capital of India. So technical it is not possible to explain every tourist place in one article. Delhi is one of the most crowdy places in India. People are thinking that Delhi is a very busy place. And that’s why there are not any peaceful places. But still, there are many peaceful places there that are so adorable and incredible. For example


Akshardham is one of the best places to visit in east Delhi. It is the temple of Lord Swami Narayan. In this temple, each element of Akshardham echoes spirituality. Akshardham means the divine abode of god. It is hailed as an eternal place of devotion, purity, and peace. It is more beautiful at night. Trust me, when you saw the evening view of this Temple. you can’t back up. you feel like getting mental and physical peace at the same time in a busy City. and it is so amazing and admiring.

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Everyone considers Delhi a very hectic place where everyone is very busy. There is not any peaceful place and also not any greenery place. But what if I say there is? and that place is perfect for everybody. no matter if they are kids or adults. It’s perfect for spending quality time there and also it is free of cost. And the place’s name is Sanjay lake. Sanjay Lake is an artificial lake formed by the Yamuna river and Hindon river channel. This lake is spread over 42 acres. There are many courts for playing like football badminton etc. There is also a garden which is full of greenery plants. And all over the view of this lake is very unexpected. The most unexpected thing is such kind of places present in such a crowdy City. And the most interesting thing is you can enjoy this view free of cost not spending single money on this place.


Chhoti Bazar is one of the oldest places in Delhi. This place is famous for shopping and its street food. If you love shopping then this place is only for you you will get affordable products here. In this market, every type of shop is available like cloth, foot wearing, accessories, etc. And it is a very affordable price. After shopping, you feel tired or exotic. Then you enjoy their street food. Here street foods are also very famous and delicious.

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