Easy Lunch Ideas for Working Professional

As a working professional, you must not be able to carry lunch every day to the office. Due to your tight work schedule, you might have skipped lunch many times. As you might not be able to cook lunch every day you might have to order food many times.

As to eating healthily, you might have to eat salad for lunch as it is easy to make and healthy to eat. Sometimes you might want to eat something healthy for lunch but definitely not salads.

So let’s find out some alternate and healthier food for salad. Which must be easy to make and fit for your body.

Vegetable Sandwich – When it comes to quick and easy lunch ideas, you can never go wrong with a good sandwich! The combination of vegetables in this sandwich provides a variety of textures to keep your palate excited.

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Chickpea Salad – It is perfect for lunch since chickpeas are protein-packed and leave you feeling satisfied for hours.

Chickpea Salad loaded with crisp cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, creamy avocado, feta cheese, and chickpeas or garbanzo beans. Fresh, healthy, and protein-packed.

Chopped Chicken Salad – Chopped Chicken Salad is easy, and healthy. This Chicken Salad has all of the best flavors of Autumn and it’s a feel-good salad. This salad really requires minimal effort. Cutting the chicken breasts in half cuts the cooking time in half.

Wraps – To make an easy and delicious you need to add eggs, chickens, avocado, cheese, and vegetables. A lean protein and vegetable wrap can be a healthy lunch.

When you are trying to lose weight and avoid high-calorie fast food, wraps are options that you can pack and carry with you for lunch.

Pesto noodles or pasta – The pesto pasta is simply too high in fat there are ways you can make pesto healthier and reduce your consumption of fats and calories simultaneously.

Instead of eating pesto with carbs like pasta, try it on chicken or tofu. Chicken adds a low-fat, high-protein punch to your diet.

You can also substitute these ingredients with low-calorie alternatives like non-fat Greek yogurt, avocado, and almond milk for the same creamy, nutty flavor.

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