Isn’t it crazy how we want to apply makeup that looks like we are not wearing makeup? 

The no makeup look is now in trend. The process of no makeup look requires a bit of hard work. No makeup look is the ultimate solution for naturally-looking dewy skin, bright eyes, and flushed cheeks. But while the result looks pretty minimal. When it comes to makeup sometimes less is more.

Let’s find out how to create a no makeup look.

Prepping the skin

First thing is to get a no makeup look you need to first prep your skin before applying makeup and make sure the skin is already supple and moisturized.

Investing in the right skincare products according to your skin is very much necessary.

Prime your base

For a minimal look, a primer is the easiest way to get a smooth base. It is necessary to prep your skin with a primer. Applying primer can give you an ultra-smooth base and will help your foundation glide on like a dream.

You’ll also have a super fresh, glowy finish.

Light the coverage

Pick a lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizer in a shade that exactly matches your skin tone. If you can not seem to find your exact shade, mix two shades for a flawless finish.

The tint can be blended into your skin, giving you that tanned-looking glow, BB Creams & Tinted Moisturiser can be great for giving your skin a break from full coverage.

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Add Concealer Only Where You Need It

These next makeup hacks can be applied on top of the natural foundation look you chose above.

Use concealer whenever you need to cover up dark circles or blemishes. It is a great choice because it’s highly pigmented so a little goes a long way.

Eyes (Mascara, Eyebrow Pencil & Eyeliner)

Start by curling your lashes Once you achieve your curl, it’s time to apply mascara to volumize and lengthen the lashes that will give you gorgeous, fluttery long lashes. a layer of mascara for both your upper and lower lashes.

Next, use a black eyeliner pencil to tight line your upper lash line, to give an illusion of thicker and darker lashes.

Use Bronzer As Eyeshadow

Blend a cream bronzer with a damp sponge. Set lightly with a powder bronzer. Use a subtle bronzer and slightly brush it along your cheekbones and hairline to warm it up a bit.

Add Blush to Your Cheeks and Lips

Apply cream blush without any kind of shimmer or glitter looks most natural. It has a texture similar to that of your skin. Creamy blush onto the apples of your cheek and the bridge of your nose will make your face look naturally flushed and glowy.

Add Lip Gloss, Lipstick & Lip Balm

When it comes to finishing off your look with a lip product, we’d recommend going the lip balm way. Even the nudest lipsticks look like you have a product on, so a tinted lip balm is a better bet in the no-makeup makeup look.

You don’t have to rule out Lipsticks entirely, but we do suggest, choosing a Nude Lip Colour to maintain the ‘natural’ look.

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