Free Travel Tips: Now do not worry about the budget, stay in these places for free, food will also be available for free

Free Travel Tips: Everyone needs holidays and who is not fond of traveling, but when it comes to traveling somewhere, money comes first. Often we cancel plans to go somewhere due to money problems. If seen, it is also right to think in today’s era of expensive things. From the cost of food and accommodation to hotels, the accommodation has become so expensive that we need a significant amount of money to go somewhere.

People save money throughout the year to go somewhere else, then put that money in savings so that they come in handy in their bad times and leave their desire to travel because of money problems. If you go somewhere, then the maximum expenditure is incurred in living there and the second biggest expenditure is on eating and drinking there. But today we will tell you about some such good and interesting places where you will be able to have a good meal without spending any money and at the same time, you will get the means of staying in good arrangement.

Now leave worrying about money and know those cities of India where you will be able to avail free food and accommodation. So let’s know about that city which will not be able to lose your pocket.

When people are short of money, then they go for a walk in the off-season. In the off-season, hotel prices are low and things get cheaper there as well. But now you don’t have to wait for the off-season to visit a good place. You will find many such religious places in India where you do not need to pay money at all and you do not have any restrictions on staying there. Today we will tell you about the only place where you can stay calm and peaceful.

Parmarth Niketan

If you come to Parmarth Niketan, here you will get free food and accommodation facilities. You will definitely forget your exhaustion in the environment here and the people who come here definitely like to be a part of social service. You will find this ashram in Rishikesh located in Uttarakhand. The evening Ganga Aarti here is famous all over the world. People keep coming here all year round, especially since no one goes without seeing the Ganga Aarti. You will get to see a huge statue of Shiva here. The view of Rishikesh situated in the lap of the Himalayas on the banks of the Ganges is truly amazing. It is really a wonderful sight to see that lamp burning amidst the cold winds. This ashram is the largest in the whole of Rishikesh. Here you will also get naturopathy free of cost. There is also a very good facility for the education system here, children are taught Vedas for free. There is no restriction for you to take pictures here.

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Isha Foundation of Coimbatore

You will get a good road, air and rail route to reach here. You will find it 30 km west of Coimbatore. If you are looking for a comfortable place, then you must come to Isha Foundation’s Coimbatore. You will see a huge stone gate here. People also ride bullock carts here. This foundation has other centers and you do not need to pay any fee here. If we talk about some holy places here, then you will get Adiyogi Aalayami, Dhyanalinga, Linga Bhairavi, Spanda Hall, Teerthkund, 112 feet Adiyogi.

Gurudwara Sahib Manikaran

Manikaran is one of the major pilgrimage sites of Manali. The Gurudwara of Manikaran is considered one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh. You can come here to spend your holidays. Although it is a major pilgrimage site for Sikhs, people of all religions come here in lakhs every year. You will get free parking and a food facility here comfortably. Talking about the best places to visit here, you can enjoy your vacation by visiting Manikaran Harinder Parvat, Manikaran Hot Springs, Manikaran’s Kulant Peeth, Shiv Mandir Manikaran, and Lord Ramchandra Temple.

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