Full-Hand Mehndi Design: Now decorate your hand with full-hand mehndi in the wedding season, people will not lose sight

Full-Hand Mehndi Design: All women like to apply mehndi. All the girls want to apply mehndi with passion. That’s why women apply henna to attend all Teej festivals and any family function. But they don’t understand design. At the same time, the season of weddings is starting from 15 January. Everyone aspires to apply mehndi in the marriage of their brother and sister and apply mehndi. But they don’t like the design.

On the other hand, in the marriage of sister and brother, girls have the desire to apply henna with full hands. People do not like to apply simple mehndi in this. For this, we want to be patient by applying henna with full hands. That’s why today in this article we will share some such designs of your mehndi. Seeing which your mehndi will be in awe.

Mirror design mehndi

Mehndi has different designs. On the other hand, some designs of mehndi are such that by applying them, the beauty of your hands will increase. You can apply the same design on both hands. Such a design suits your hands a lot.

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Full hand mehndi design

The fashion of full-hand mehndi design is trending a lot. So you can apply mehndi on your hands like this. In this, you can make the design beautiful with flowers. Girls like this design very much. You can apply henna like this. It is very different from bridal mehndi. At the same time, the design comes out in full bloom.

Thick design mehndi

You can apply thick design in marriage. The thick design flaunts a lot. Women like this design very much. You can easily apply such design mehndi in marriage. It gives a very fashionable and stylish look.

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