Health Tips: “Beer reduces heart attacks and is healthy” Expert says?

Health Tips: Recently, Portuguese researchers claimed that drinking beer is beneficial for human body and can also cure some of the most common chronic diseases.

In the study, done by the researchers in portugese it is found that drinking alcohol is beneficial for the human body and also have potential to cure some of the most
common chronic diseases like obesity, cardiovascular disease and lowers the unwanted body fat.

In the randomised, controlled study 20 men from age group 18-65 were double blindly dvided into groups, given with one 11 ounce alcoholic and non – alcoholic larger to them for four weeks.
Deitary activity and physical activity were kept same through out the study.

There was no change in the participants’ body weight, body mass index and serum biomarkers for heart health and metabolism, as per the blood and fecal samples.

The study revealed that at the end of the four-week period, both groups showed “greater bacterial diversity in their gut microbiome and higher levels of fecal alkaline phosphatase activity”. This enzyme helps ward off bad bacteria in the gut, which researchers said indicates improvement in intestinal health.

Basically it is polyphenols which benefits the individual along with beer beer also contains vitamin B and other sources which makes it healthy.

Some of the benefits are:
• Beer helps losing weight
• Beer improves heart
• It strengthens bones
• Improves blood sugar level
• Helps in releasing stress

The above mentioned benefits are only effective when consumed in low quantity in the specified period of time.

Drinking beer is beneficial for health but only if taken in limit.
Beer reduces the chance of heart attack and osteoporosis but can also make situation worse if not taken in limit.
Excessive of anything is bad even moderate drinking is not considered as good.

Only occasionall drinking say once in 10-15 days , by this they lead a healthy lifestyle .
This may also reduce the cances of heart attak as compared to non drinkers,
said Dr Ravindra Pal Malhotra, director and HOD – Centre for Liver Transplant and Gastro Sciences – Saroj Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi.

Drunking beer on long term basis may cause life threatening problems including cancer, liver disease, and heart disease, stroke, and elevated blood pressure.

The long-term health effects of continuous, moderate or heavy alcohol consumption include the risk of developing alcoholism and alcoholic liver disease.
Alcoholism, results in problems of two types: alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence.

A study found a link between binge drinking and a beer belly. But with most over-consumption, it is more a problem of improper exercise and overconsumption of excessive calories and carbohydrates intake than the product itself. Beer has undesirably high glycemic index of 110, the same as maltose; however, the maltose in beer undergoes metabolism by yeast during fermentation so that beer consists mostly of water, hop oils and only trace amounts of sugars, including maltose.

It is strictly advised that a person drinking beer should maintain their there health, exercise properly and should take a healthy diet.

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