Health Tips: Healthy food for women over 40 for strong bones

Health Tips: As you grow old you likely have bone related issue including osteoporosis. Till the age of 30 you attain maximum bone density. Then after the age of 40 bone density levels slow down . Mainly in women bone related issue are seen more frequently due to menopause , hormonal disturbance, thyroid and many other health related issue. Women are at a higher risk of having osteoporosis issues
Let’s find how a 40+ women should keep bone strong.
• Dairy Products
Dairy products have a good source of calcium, protein and minerals that are important for bone. Milk , yogurt cheese are the calcium source which is very much essential for born growth
• Leafy vegetable
Vegetables are great for your Borns it is best source of vitamin C that helps in the production of bone forming cells. Vitamin C acts as antioxidant for bone cells from damage. Intake of vegetables increase bone mineral and maintains the bone mass.
• Adding high – calcium food
Calcium is the most important for bone you should include atleast one high calcium food at each meal. Intake of calcium throughout the day will optimise absorption
•Avoiding low-calorie food
Low calorie food will slow down your metabolism, harmful for bone health. To maintain a strong bones you need to follow well-balanced diet food that at least provide 1200 calories per day
•Consuming food which as high Omega -3
Omega is well known for the anti -inflammatory effects the balance omega -6 fat to Omega- 3 fat is important including omega -3 fats in your diet will increase high bone density

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