Hotel Room: Hotels uses only white Bedsheet! What’s the secret they are hiding

Hotel Room: You all must have stayed in hotel rooms someday. For holidays or ceremony in other cities or even in your own city for your work related meeting or conference.

Some people also say that hotel rooms are best and they wish if their homes can be like this. In hotels, different type of rooms are available at different rate.

And the credit for the cleanliness of the hotel goes to the housekeeping department.
Coming to rooms, whenever we enter into a hotel we get fascinated about how beautiful and organized it looks.
Everything kept just at its place.

Different rooms have different arrangement and facility, the higher you pay the better you get. But , something always stays common in all the room. Do you ever gave a thought?

What is it that is has been always common irrespective of which ever room you are in. No it is not the tea set that is kept nor the fridge in which your beer will be.

No it is the bedsheet , yes you heard it absolutely right. It is that white bedsheet that is common in all the rooms.

So now the question is, why do hotels use only white bedsheets?

Even we at our home gets scared by the thought of putting a white bedsheet, just because it doesn’t get dirty.
Then how come hotels use white bedsheets in such a large scale.

Why hotels only use white or Pastel coloured bedsheets?

  • Can be cleaned easily;
    Yes the mountains can shatter, but it is the truth white bedsheets are much easier to wash that any other.
    because in hotels the bedsheets are washed in a bulk quantity and they are not washed bare handedly nor by machines.
    they are washed trought bleaching. Then all toghether they were put inside the chlorine which adds up the layer onto the
    bedsheets which further helps in maintaining the texture and colour of the bedsheet
  • they are odour and damp free;
    Did you noticed that the hotel’s bedsheet
    do not give odour or dampen.
    in our house bedsheets easily dampen
    due to the moisture in the air but, there is
    no moisture present in the hotel bedsheet
    the reason behind it is that in hotels, the
    bedsheets are bleached in chlorine.
  • The classy look they provide;
    the white colour itself have something
    diffent about it , it makes the whole thing
    look entirely different.
    Whenever you enter into a room, they
    looks fresh which pleases the eyes. it
    creates an pleasurable illusion out of it.
    Infact they are cheaper and also thick
    because of which it rely more than any
    other bedsheet.

What is the dirtiest thing in hotel room

Have you ever noticed that a cloth that is spread over the bedsheets kept in hotel rooms. You probably didn’t know this secret that it doesn’t get washed. If one has become too dirty, they replace it.

The bedsheets of hotel beds are folded like this

Have you ever thought that after all the bedsheets laid in hotel rooms never slip from their place. Their folding technology is also different and you can also do it at your home.
This is called a corner fold and similar folds are used in hospitals.

How to do it

•First of all, lay the bedsheet properly flat
and do not leave the corner too loose.

•Then tuck the width part under the mattress.

•Now take a corner and make a 45 degree angle and draw it straight down.
•Just your corner is now fixed in its place.

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