How to travel another country on a low budget || foreign trip under 50k

Want to travel another country but are low on budget no worries we got you covered Who doesn’t desire to travel abroad? Unfortunately, many individuals are unable to prepare due to a lack of funds. We’re going to inform you about a budget-friendly way to visit a gorgeous nation. You should be aware of your options.

If you wish to travel overseas, consider visiting Bhutan, a nation rich in natural beauty.
Bhutan is nothing short of a tourist’s paradise.
You may visit Bhutan on a modest budget.
You may also go here by car, rail, or plane.
A 6-7-day vacation costs between 40 and 50 thousand rupees.
You may visit Bhutan on a shoestring budget.
You can also go here by vehicle or Trainor takes a flight A 6-7-day vacation costs between 40 and 50 thousand rupees.

Tiger Nest Monastery is Bhutan’s most stunning and well-known tourist destination.


This is the most majestic Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas, which is blanketed with snow in the winter.

  • Bhutan’s capital is Thimphu.
  • This is a lovely city located on the banks of the Wangchu River.
  • There are several tourist attractions in the area that are worth seeing.
  • Punakha Dzong is Bhutan’s grandest Buddhist temple.
  • It is located at the intersection of the Pochhu and Mochhu rivers.
  • A great number of visitors come here to visit.

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