Onam is the festival of joy for all Malayalees

Onam is the annual harvest festival celebrated in Kerala. Onam is a major festival of South India which is celebrated for 10 days. It is a 10-day festival and each day holds its own significance. 

People start decorating their residences with beautiful flower arrangements days before the occasion
It is one of the biggest festivals in Kerala.

Onam, also known as Thru-Onam or Thiruvonam, Thiruvonam is made up of two words – Thiru and Onam in which Thiru means holy.

It is believed that every year on this day King Mahabali comes from Hades to bless the people.

This year, Onam festivities begin on August 30 and will continue till Thirovonam, which is on September 8 today. During these ten days, it represents a remarkable display of the culture and beauty of Kerala.

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Story Behind Onam Festival

Onam festival is celebrated to welcome the famous Emperor Mahabali, Ancient history references mention that Lord Vishnu disguised as a dwarf Brahmin.

He then attended a Yaagam arranged by the King.

The King had promised to fulfill all the wishes of the people who were present in the Yagya. Hearing this, Vamana declared his wish. He wanted to place three footsteps on the land and own those areas.

Mahabali agreed to his wish. Suddenly Vamana grew to be a giant. With just two footsteps, he claimed both Earth and heaven.

As there was no more land left for him, Mahabali sacrificed something to protect his promise.

The great King offered his head for the piece of land. However, he had one condition.

He wished to return to his home and be welcomed by his people once every year. It is believed that Mahabali rules the underworld (Paatal).

Every year, He visits Kerala state every year during Onam and blesses them.

The last day is considered to be the most auspicious day.

The first day is called Atham, followed by Chithira, Chodi, Vishakam, Anizham, Thriketta, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradom, and Thiruvonam.

Atham: Onam Celebration Starts With Visiting The Temples In The Morning.

Chithira: On This Second-Day People Start Cleaning Houses & Adds A Layer Of Flowers To Pookalam.

Chodi: Families Go Shopping As The Onam Festival Is Associated With Gifting New Clothes And Jewelry. People Also Start To Add Different Flowers To Pookalam.

Vishakam: This Day Is Considered As One Of The Auspicious Days Of Onam. Maveli Stores Would Display Their Latest Offers And Discounts On Household Items. Homemakers Would Busy In The Kitchen As They Make Delicious Sweets & Pickles For The Festival.

Anizham: Anizham Is The Fifth Day Of Oman. Vallamkali Boat Race Gets Starts In Many Places In Kerala. It Is One Of The Most Important And Entertaining Boat Races.

Thriketa: When Thriketa Gets Started Most Schools Get Closed And People Started Contributing All Their Time To Celebrate Oman.

Moolam: From This Day, At Several Places, OnaSadya And Dances Related To The Festivals Start Being Performed To Enjoy The Fullest.

Pooradam: Statues Of Vamana& King Mahabli Are Washed And Get Situated In The Middle Of The Pookalam.
Uthradom: According To Beliefs, King Mahabali Reaches Kerala On This Day.

People Buy Fresh Vegetables And Women Cook Traditional Meals To Celebrate The Special Day.

Thiruvonam: The Last Day Of Onam Festivals Is Thiruvonam. On This Special Day, People Take Bath Early In The Morning, Distribution Of Gifts And Prayers To God.

These beautiful days bring along with them all the colors of Kerala

Its history, its culture, and its beliefs. The major attraction of this festival is Pookalam a design of beautiful flower carpets, banquet lunch, the establishment of snake boat races, Kaikottikkali dance &Puli Kali.

A look at Aleesha’s Onam festival Instagram reel

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