Personality Development Tips: Body language that leaves a bad impression

Would you like to leave a good and positive impression? When you are talking to a person or meeting any person for the first time. The gesture of your body is very much crucial to convey your confidence level to make your pitch and many more things.

Bookmarks are necessary for every book. Likewise, body gestures are important for a human being to leave a Positive impression.

Body language leaves a huge impact on how you convey your message to your audience or encounter when you pitch your business.


Personality Development Tips: which gestures do we need to avoid to leave a Positive impression on others

Don’t intertwine the fingers

Don’t intertwine the fingers – when you do this while talking to someone. This conveys that you are nervous, worried, and stressed and you are not interested in talking. It seems like you are unprepared.

Don’t cross your hands behind

Don’t cross your hands behind – when you are talking to someone please keep in mind that you should never ever cross your hands behind. Crossing the hand behind conveys frustration, anger, nervousness, and lack of confidence it also shows that you are too comfortable while talking.

Don’t touch your face

Don’t touch your face – Touching your face while talking to someone may leave a bad impression. It conveys that you lack confidence, project nervousness, are unprepared about the situation, and lack the presence of mind

Don’t cross the leg while standing

Don’t cross the leg while standing – This posture makes you look underconfident and not prepared for the situation or you are fearful or anxious. It shows that you are very off attitude, or you don’t care about others opinion

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