Social Media has become a significant part of our daily lives. Social media has had a massive impact on people over the past decades.

From a 70yr old to 10yr kid knows how to use social media. The ongoing transformation of communication technology in the digital area has extended the reach of communication media to all domains of social life in the network. Social media is a tool that helps us to consume information and to interact with each other.

Social media is all about networking with people across the country, sharing informational content like links to an article, views for the video, a PDF document, some animated GIFs, updating photos, videos, status, and many more things.

Social media has both positive and negative impacts on human behavior and society.

The positive impact of Social media on society:

Connectivity – With the help of social media, you may connect with the people you like from anywhere in the world. Social media is also an easy way to nurture existing relationships with family and friends who have moved away. Send messages, share photos, call, or host video chats to stay in touch.

Worldwide information – You used to wait for daily newspapers to acquire the latest news and updates. Now you no longer have to wait for a daily newspaper or a television newscast.

Now by opening social media you can simply know up-to-date information and updates on current events worldwide.

Offering Support – Many people use social media to create groups that share common interests. By using social media you can raise awareness about a cause you believe in or support others who already do.

The positive impact of Social media on human behavior:

Learning – Anyone can learn from others on social media, and it delivers the best learning chances ever. There’s no limit to our knowledge with all the online courses, content, and complimentary webinars people offer today.

It is a great place for students as well for everyone who wants to learn can find mentors and training programs to learn new skills and take steps toward future career goals.

Business – Social media offers incredible benefits for businesses. You can market your products, build an engaged audience, and turn leads into customers. The opportunities are endless.

On social media, you have the option of creating social media adverts to promote your business and product to a broader audience.

Traffic To Your Website – By sharing valuable content, you can boost traffic, leads, and sales for your website. You can increase the number of relevant customers to your website. By connecting to your website, you may create adverts and market your business to a big audience.

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The negative impact of Social media on society:

Cyberbullying – One of the top disadvantages of social media is cyberbullying. Many people use false social media accounts to tease others.

The context of harassment is not limited to one topic. Cyberbullying makes other individuals feel uncomfortable by making unpleasant remarks and teasing them in different ways.

Hackers – A lot of information can be leaked through social media in public such as photos, videos, etc. that can be misused. It includes a lot of privacy concerns related to your personal data.

Hackers hijack people’s accounts and then blackmail them by revealing their personal information on social media.

Trolling – It is one of the major negative consequences of social media. This politically motivated trolling is also very common. It is also promoting gossiping and causing damage to the reputation of people.

The negative impact of Social media on human behavior:

Addiction – Addiction hampers the academic performance of students as they waste their time on social media instead of studying. People constantly browse through their newsfeeds and contribute to them.

People cut off them from society and the natural world. They didn’t want to see what was going on in the real world around them.

Wasting time – People waste their time by scrolling through the news feeds. The majority of those affected are youths and students. They only used social media to scroll through the newsfeed and share photos and videos. Without doing any productive work people choose to scroll the social media.

Causes Distraction and Health problems – People use social media a number of times. However, they are unaware that social media was diverting their attention away from their objectives. People are diverted from their life goals.

Excessive usage of social media platforms has been linked to many health issues in people. Excessive use of social media damages the sleeping cells in the human body, resulting in sleep disturbances.

There are some social media negative effects, but social media can be considered a boon to society –

Encouraging people to see, comment on, and collaborate with the content is the goal of sharing. It’s always worthwhile for any company to use social media to maintain publishing as long as the content is relevant and the need for information continues.

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