Fashion Trends Every Short Gal Should Try in 2023

By Ankit Garg

Long Skirt

Austrian streetstyle star Karin Teigl is 5’2”, but the way she’s wearing a denim maxi skirt looks long and lean. 

Source: purewow

Cropped Puffer

A cropped puffer that’s just as sturdy and warming as any full-on, hip-length parka of yore, only shorter. 

Source: purewow


Crocheted fabric imparts all the figure-hugging style of a knit dress, top or pants, but with an added artisanal edge that’s playful and rich. 

Source: purewow

Head-to-Toe Citrus

Petites look best in head-to-toe brights in simple shapes, with a bonus for wearing well-fitted but not tight pieces. 

Source: purewow

Sleeveless Coat

It’s a piece made for petites, since it brings a whole look together without adding the bulk of too much fabric. 

Source: purewow

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