What are the three types of abortions in India called? Understand the abortion procedure.

India’s Abortion Law: What is the legislation in India regarding abortion? When and under what conditions may a woman have an abortion? Is abortion illegal? Learn everything there is to know about this.
Abortion Procedure: According to the Supreme Court, all women in India have the right to safe and legal abortion. In fact, a few months ago, when the US Supreme Court effectively removed the constitutional right to abortion in its country, an abortion case in India captured everyone’s attention

A 24-week pregnant woman’s abortion request was denied by the Delhi High Court. Then came the 25-year-old pregnant lady to the Supreme Court. While granting abortion rights, the Supreme Court stated that because the woman is unmarried, she cannot be prevented from having an abortion. In today’s news, we’ll inform you about the method for having an abortion with the abortion law in India.
“The Indian abortion law does not make any distinction between married and unmarried women. If a woman is an adult (above the age of 18), she has the right to terminate an undesired pregnancy. A woman can also get an abortion up to 24 weeks after conception.”

Modifications to the MTP ACT (1971)

Abortion is legal in India, according to the MTP ACT (1971). However, it was afterward changed. The lady has the right to abortion under the MTP ACT. Abortion was legal in India for up to 20 weeks in the beginning, but following a legislation revision in 2021, this time restriction was raised to 24 weeks. Aside from that, in rare exceptional circumstances,

1. Pregnancy from 0 to 20 weeks

If the woman is not mentally prepared to become a mother, or if the contraceptive technique or device has failed and the woman has become pregnant over her wishes, she can have an abortion. Only the written approval of a certified doctor is required for this.

2. Between 20 and 24 weeks of pregnancy

If the mother’s or child’s mental/physical health is jeopardized, the woman has the right to an abortion. In such circumstances, however, the written authorization of two doctors is required.

3. After 24 weeks of pregnancy

If a woman has been the victim of sexual harassment or rape, she may get an abortion even after 24 weeks. Abortion can be performed even if the woman is pregnant, a juvenile, handicapped, or mentally ill. If a woman’s marital status changes during her pregnancy (she gets divorced or becomes a widow), she can also get an abortion.

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What is the abortion procedure?

According to Dr. Neha Bothra, Obstetrics & Gynecologist at Fortis Hospital (Vashi, Mumbai), abortion can occur spontaneously or medically. goes. There are several techniques of medical termination.
Now, how the abortion is performed relies on a variety of factors, including how many months the pregnancy is, the woman’s physical state, whether the woman has any medical conditions such as a heart issue, high blood pressure, anesthetic or not, and so on.

In a medical process, abortion is performed using medications. Aside from that, there is the surgical technique, which involves emptying the uterus. In advanced pregnancy, a surgical technique is employed. Abortion is performed by administering a delivery pen during 4 to 5 months (12 to 20 weeks) of pregnancy.

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