What Kind of Environment Do Parents Provide for their Children

Being a parent is one of the most responsible things. Because having a child means making another identity and making another identity means taking on a new responsibility. A child who is in their aged 5 to 12 years is like clay. And it is the best time for giving their structure which means at this age children learn anything very quickly from their surroundings. So it is the responsibility of a parent to provide a very healthy environment for their child. And I know many people think it is very easy to say but it’s very tough to follow these things. Because everyone is busy in this century. But still, they are your child. No one wants to see their child doing something wrong or following a wrong path. So put some effort and time into their starting days.


Careful with words is something which is looking very little thing. But its impact on anyone’s life is very big. I am not saying that be careful with your word only when you are around your child. I thought to be careful with your words tone and body language. Because it is so the respect and respect for what you are saying about. And the difference between talking to elders and children is that elders understand your intention and situation but in the case of children. They don’t understand, they thought it was very normal to use any kind of word in front of anyone and in any situation. And it is important because how to talk to anyone is the first thing that children learn from their parents.


Today everyone is very busy and everyone has their schedule which is very hectic and tiring. And in this hectic life taking on new responsibilities is very challenging. Most parents are spending time with their children on starting days. But after day by day, they received work pressure and other pressure. And because of that they slowly back to their previous lifestyle. And which is fine but the problem is after onward. They also slowly depend on their babysitter. They don’t have much time to spend with their child which is something to consult. Because emotionally kids are attached to their parents. So it’s the responsibility of both pairs to spend quality time with them. And if you don’t have much time to spend quality time then try always to be around them and a little attention to them.

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Fighting is something very common thing. It is also part of day-to-day life. The fight is where the foot expectation is. I am not saying that it is a very cool and good thing but it is something which no one can avoid especially arguments. The most common mistakes seen among parents are they fight or maybe argue in front of their children. Starting day is the trying to avoid. But day by day it is opening up which is not good for the mental health of children. Children are scared to see such things. They feel unwanted which has a very big impact on their mental health.


People think positive energy is something providing a good if and providing them whatever they want. But it is one side of the coin. Being financially stable is a very important and good thing. It shows children they are safe and with their parents and they depend on them. But it is not the only thing parents need to do. But it is also parents’ responsibility that they should take care of their children both are going on in their life and have any problems and many more things.

These are a few things that are pointed out. But there are also lots of things which parents should be careful about. When your child is getting older. Always try to maintain communication between them. If you are taking any decision regarding your child just for once consult them. Communication is something very easy but also important. If you are going to take any kind of decision just discuss them. I am not saying you must consult them but after discussing that topic you might have an idea of what your child thinks about the topic. And it’s easy for you to decide wit.

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