Which One Is Good For Packing Butter Paper Or Aluminum Foil

When it comes to packing of food. In most of the homes people prefer using aluminium foil. Many people use aluminium foil because its cheap and good option for packing food. But it has many disadvantage.

When you use aluminium foil for packing or cooking it releases aluminium particles into the food. Aluminium foil is mainly harmful for food which is rich in vitamin C.

Food containing vitamin C reacts with aluminium foil and becomes oxidized when heated. In simple words aluminium melts and mixes with food such situations people who use aluminium foil regularly tend to have more amount of aluminium elements in the body. Which can cause diseases of the nervous system, brain & bones and also change the pH of the food. Bones may get weak due to calcium replacement by aluminium. More amount of aluminium presence in the body can also cause memory loss.

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Butter paper is used for backing cake, preserving and packing various dairy products, and wrapping sandwich. Butter paper can be used to pack Spicy, salty and vitamin c rich food . It is paper made of cellulose with a non- stick surface. Butter paper can retain moisture, absorb the excess amount of edible oil.

Butter paper is the best option than aluminium foil for packing food. It is healthier than aluminium foil. It can hold on at higher temperatures than aluminium foil. Butter paper keep the food for long time.

Note: So butter paper can definitely be better option for wrapping food.

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