Why Indians are currently very interested in Korea, especially the youngest

Since 2013 Indian people acknowledge Korean and Korean culture. But a very small amount of people are aware of Korea. But due to covid everywhere is on lockdown which is new for everyone. First lockdown everybody enjoying like work from home, not an outing, just rest at your home, spending time with your family and etc.

But after some time people are getting bored at home many of are depressed, many are upset and sad all over the day and many things happened.

Just because of isolation. So people find something really calm which is spreading positivity, new and light concept, and many more things. And then people are aware of Kpop and K drama. And these are the main reason people are interested in Korea.

Behind these two main reasons, there are also some more reasons to be attracted by Korea like K beauty products, K fashion style, K food and etc.

People are very attracted to these things because people getting these things are original, funny, and interesting for example

K DRAMA (Korean Drama)

K-drama is a collection of every type of series and serial like a love story, funny, horror, motivational, action, thrill and etc. And the most important thing in K drama is they look realistic, very catchy, less dramatic, and original story.

So Indians are very fascinated by K drama. And the second reason is that Indian serials are very dramatic very long stories and many stories are repeated.

So Indians are getting bored, especially youngsters. And no one wants to watch that melodrama anymore. So they are watching K drama and keep going with them as compared to Indian serial.

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K POP (Korean Pop)

K-Pop is also one of the important reasons to attract Indians to Korean culture. Because the K-Pop song is something original.

The most fascinating thing about K-Pop is Idol writes their own lyrics and their choreography. And in k pop industry, there is no remix song, all are original. And a plus point in K-Pop is lyrics are in both Korean and English both languages and some are only in English lyrics. So it can be easy to get it easily.


Korean people are very sensitive about their appearance what their carry and how they look and also about their beauty. Because of that Korean people usually use a lot of beauty products in their regular life.

This is the reason Korean people work a lot in the makeup product and makeup industry. They made beauty product which is less harmful, very smoothly usable, and also affordable. And now all over the world admire, their beauty product, and most people who know about Korean beauty products are trying to only use them because they are very good for the skin.

Korean is not only having good makeup but their fashion style is also have outstanding. They have such a good formal fashion collection which is very incredible and cool.

Their fashion is everywhere always tips top and people are very influenced by their fashion sense.

K FOOD (Korean Food)

For Indians, it is hard to try K-food because mostly Korean food is non-vegetarian. And in India, there are mostly vegetarian people. But those who are non-vegetarian are very enjoying Korean food and also admire it.

The most famous Korean disease among Indians is Kimchi, tteokbokki, Bibimbap, Fried Chicken and etc.

Those who tried it all are admiring it because they are very good in taste. And there are many more reasons to Indians are interested in Korea but the above is the main reason.

nowadays Indians are very aware of Korea, and Korean culture. And also many Indian want to travel there for tours and want to study there.

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