Why kolhapur name kolhapur || History of Kolhapur City

Kolhapur is a famous and popular place in Maharashtra. Apart from food, this city is also famous for its cultural and traditional things. Thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit this city every day.

But if you are asked how and why Kolhapur city got its name as Kolhapur, then what can be your answer?

In this article, we are going to tell you why, when, and how Kolhapur got the name Kolhapur. Let’s know.

Before knowing why this city got its name Kolhapur, let us know the ancient history of this city. The history of this city is very interesting. The city was a princely state of the Indian Marathas during the time of British India. At that time it was under the Deccan Department.

It is said that at that time it was the fourth most important princely state of the Maratha Empire. There is another story that before the independence of India, this city was also famous as the princely state of 19 guns.

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The ancient name of Kolhapur

The city was known by many names in ancient and medieval times. It is said that apart from ‘Dakshin Kashi’, this city was also known as ‘Ambabai’. Another story is that this city was also called the city of 19 guns

Why kolhapur named kolhapur

According to mythological beliefs, a demon Kolhasur lives in this city, due to which the local people used to be very upset. People prayed to Mahalakshmi Devi to do away with this tyranny. After this prayer, Kolhasur fought with the demon Mahalakshmi for nine days and in the end, Kolhasur was defeated.

After losing the battle, Kolhasur went to the demon mother Mahalakshmi, and asked for a boon from her that the city should be recognized by my name. Since then it is said that the name of this city was changed to Kolhasur as Kolhapur.

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Identity found from Kolhapuri chappal

We all know that Kolhapuri Chappal is very much liked all over India. It is said that the city has got its identity to a large extent from the Kolhapuri chappals.

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